Fair Enough Talks Exchange with Guang Yu and Maurice Li


with 广煜 Guang Yu & 李浩然 Maurice Li

Oct 15th 2017, Sunday //  2017年10月15日,本周日

Book Station

3 pm - 6 pm  //  下午三点 至 六点


4 pm  //  下午四点

CHAO Sanlitun // 三里屯CHAO

No.4 Workers' Stadium East Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing



请在本周日加入我们Fair Enough项目中最后一个设计师对谈!在三里屯CHAO充满设计创意的空间中,我们邀请了设计师广煜与Maurice Li 李浩然(CHAO品牌总监)来一齐探讨设计与图书,并交流他们最喜爱的设计类书籍。

Join us for our last talk session this Sunday at CHAO Sanlitunl! We invited the designer Guang Yu and Maurice Li (Brand Director of CHAO) to talk about design, books and exchange their favorite designed book in the inspiring setting of CHAO Sanlitun.

About the guests:

广 煜

平面设计师,现工作于北京。毕业于中央美术学院,并以平面设计师的身份活跃在创意产业超过十年。自2004开始,他相继创立了吐米未设计联盟,吐毛球平面设计,獾和出版,A BLACK COVER平面设计。其作品在全球众多设计展览中被展出,并获得多项设计界的奖项。

Guang Yu

Guang Yu is a graphic designer based in Beijing. After graduating form Central Accademy of Fine Art, he has been active in creative field for over a decade. He is the co-founder of MEWE Design Alliance, TOMMEETYOU Graphics, Badger & Press, and A BLACK COVER design, currently as his main focus. His work has been shown worldwidely among many international design exhibitions and was awarded with various design prizes.

李 浩然

Maurice Li(李浩然)既是CHAO的品牌战略领导也是产品设计师,同时也负责推动CHAO品牌的商业发展与对外合作。Maurice来自美国旧金山,曾任国际4A公司李奥贝纳的品牌总监,Kabam公司手游制作人兼UX设计师,于清华大学取得工商管理硕士学位。

Maurice Li

Maurice is the lead brand strategist and product designer for CHAO, also responsible for communications, cultural content curation and partnerships. Originally from San Francisco, he has served as a brand director at an international 4As, a producer and experience designer for a mobile game studio, and holds an MBA from Tsinghua University.


在北京设计周里找到Fair Enough的书 // Find Fair Enough around BJDW ...


Our mobile book station filled with books from Switzerland and tria publishing platform will work as an ice-breaker, good mood setter and conversation starter for passersby. Our mobile bookstore will set up on the 30th, 2nd, 5th and 15th. Everyone is invited to stop by and read through the books. So come by and get your copy of your vavorite Swiss design art book!


我们的目标是生成印刷品的全新概念,直面传播媒介的新情形,并面对此情形持续作出应对革新。此次,基于苏黎世和北京的tira独立出版平台将携手三个来自于瑞士的具有开拓性的出版机构(edition fink, Boabooks 及 Jungle Books)来共同推动和探讨出版业的本身,及其未来的可能性。

我们的合作项目“Fair Enough”穿梭于世界众多的书展,如巴塞尔的“I Never Read”,伦敦的“Offprint”,东京的“Tokyo Art Book Fair” 和巴黎的“Offprint Paris”。2017年的北京设计周,我们将把正在讨论的话题带来中国,去邀请当地的出版机构及其旗下的设计师来共同交流对于书籍设计的全新概念。

About Fair Enough

Our aim is to develop new concepts for printed matter and to constantly reinvent and confront new realities of mediation.Therefore, tria publishing platform which is located in Zurich and Beijing teamed up with three other ground-breaking publishing houses from Switzerland (edition fink, Boabooks and Jungle Books) to push the dialogue on what publishing is and can be even further.

Our collaboration “Fair Enough” is travelling various book fairs all around the world with destinations like “I Never Read” in Basel,  “Offprint” London, “Tokyo Art Book Fair” or “Offprint Paris”.  For the BJDW 2017 we want to bring our ongoing discussion to China and invite other publishing houses and designers in China to exchange on new concepts of book design. For this BJDW we will create a mobile book station that will bring the conversation to various hubs of the design week.

Fair Enough TALKS

每一站,我们都会邀请到北京有创意的设计师来参与谈话。另外,我们会邀请每个设计师用他们最喜欢的一本书来交换Fair Enough的一本书,交换而来的书则会被带回瑞士。

At each station we invited inspiring designers of Beijing to join for a talk about design. In edition we will invite each designer to exchange their favorite book with one of the Fair Enough collection, that will then travel back to Switzerland.

Sept 30th 2017 // 2017年9月30日

Fair Enough Talks Community with 孙晓曦 Sun Xiaoxi and 森林 Céline Lamée

4pm // 下午四点

Gongmenkou Dongcha 29 // 宫门口东岔29号

Oct 2nd 2017 // 2017年10月2日

Fair Enough Talks Independent with 周玥 Zhou Yue and  曹迪 Caodi

4pm // 下午四点

Nanchizi Rd. Denglongku Hutong 10 // 南池子大街灯笼库胡同10号

Oct 5th 2017 // 2017年10月5日

Fair Enough Talks Reading with Tony Li and 田东明 Tian Dongming

3.30 pm // 下午三点半

Exhibition area 2F, Beijing Fun, No. 17 Quanyechang, Meishijie Langfangtoutiao // 前门北京坊劝业场 2F  煤市街廊坊头条17号

Oct 15th 2017 // 2017年10月15日

Fair Enough Talks Exchange

with 广煜 Guang Yu and 李浩然 Maurice Li

4 pm // 下午四点

CHAO Sanlitun, No.4 Worker Stadium East Road //




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