纸美东方 风雅礼韵 ——大赛评审名单


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The famous historian-Mr. Qian Mu once said, “the peculiarity of the Chinese culture is ‘etiquette’”, and even in the contemporary age of reciprocity, the essence of “etiquette” can also be employed by the whole world. The gift paper artistically sublimated the mundane behavior of gift giving because of its distinct cultural trait, outstanding texture experience and special crafts beauty, thus showing admiration in an implicit ceremonial sense.


“Gift paper” is an artistic paper series with rich oriental color formed by integrating the redesigned traditional Chinese graphic pattern with originality on the basis of the material technique of Chinese “Xuan paper”, Japanese “Washi” and “Yu Zen Paper”.Gift paper, not only is the package of gifts, but also is the integration of the connotations of gifts,the carrier of the emotion and sensation behind the gift. Paper is the carrier of culture, and gift papers is the sublimate of emotion, which has gone beyond the traditional concept of paper and has become a symbol of the integration of human and papers.


Design is the life of the paper”. Zhi Jia Cultures welcomes all well-known designers at home and abroad to give a new interpretation to the topic of “gift paper”, which conforms to the characteristics of the times on the basis of the traditional Chinese graphic pattern and ecological ancient paper making, so as to create papers with more oriental artistic conceptions, thus arousing a new vitality of combing the oriental culture and paper with innovation and craftsman spirit, expanding the acknowledgement and influence of the Chinese culture in the world.

纸美东方 风雅礼韵



纸美东方 风雅礼韵——“礼纸”纹样设计国际大赛

Beautifying the Orient with Papers——Enchanting the Elegance with Gifting Rhyme

International Gift Paper Pattern Design Competition


paper to irrWhat is national is what international, and the cultural inheritance requires inclusiveness and innovation. An annotation of the “gift paper” concept from a different perspective might collide out new creativity conforming to the characteristics of the times, thus enabling the giftadiate the cultural charms with more vitality.


Origin: Ardently Love to the Paper.


Paper is the carrier of culture. Gift paper is also a sublimation of the love and affection. It has surpassed the concept of the traditional paper and embodied the connection of humanbeings and papers.


There is an old Chinese saying that states,“unity of form and spirit”.“Gift paper”must achieve the unity of form and spirit, in that, the manifestation form of the packaging paper as the carrier is the“form”while the emotional transferring is“spirit”.


“Spirit”stresses on the kernel and essential charm,which is exactly the emotion desired to be expressed on the ideological level.The gifting culture in China does not only lie in the simple gift level,instead it emphasizes on the transferring of the inherent“sentiment”and“festival”.It arouses people’s emphasis on the emotional communication,which is exactly the spiritual level we wish to communicate.


“Form”is the body, carrier and manifestation mean. Paper is an important identification and the maximum carrier of cultural inheritance of human civilization. As to the form, we hope to regard the packaging paper as the carrier, attached by various elegant presentations of sentiments and gifts, so as to carry forward the“gift”culture and achieve the expression of“it's the meaning that counts”appropriately.

评审团阵容Jury Panel

姜竹松 Jiang Zhusong


王安霞 Wang Anxia


陈新华 Chen Xinhua


赵清 Zhao Qing


林宏泽 Lin Hongze


宣炳一Byoung-il Sun(韩国)


Erin Wright(美国)

美国阿拉巴马大学教授,美国Posters Without Borders邀请展策展人,玻利维亚国际海报双年展特邀嘉宾,曾多次担任国际比赛的评审

Francesco Mazzenga(意大利)

意大利罗马美术学院 视觉艺术系教授,意大利佩鲁贾美术学院视觉艺术系 教授,


Sabina Oberholzer(萨宾娜)


Renato Tagli(雷纳托)








This activity is divided into two parts:

First, directed invitation.

We would invite works from domestic and international famous designers, specialists and professors for the exhibition.

Second, call for participation through competition.

Juries, formed by the famous designers,specialists and scholars coming from all over the world, will review and judge the submission strictly according to the international practice as well as the equity and justice.


All invited and selected works will be exhibited successively in various cities, with the 7th Jiangsu Book Fair held by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province as the starting point. Moreover, this activity will be held as a normalized activity, which will be promoted and held in various societies of designers, colleges and universities as well as enterprises and institutions throughout the country.

赛主题Competition Themes


Theme 1: being sentimental (friendship)


Theme 2: embedding festivals (solar terms and festivals)


Theme 3: flourishing Tang Dynasty (culture of Han and Tang Dynasties)


Theme 4:  Southern Yangtze Region (regional culture)

备注:应考虑作品与印刷工艺的结合,如四色印刷/烫金工艺/UV工艺/丝网印工艺等 。

Note: The combination between the works and printing technology must be considered, such as the four-color printing/gilding technique/UV technique/screen printing technique, and so on.

大赛流程Competition Procedures

(一)2017年 3 月20 日参赛作品征集开始;

March 20th, 2017- Call for Participation;


May 31st, 2017- Deadline for Competition Submission;


June 1st, 2017- Review and Judge, with initial review and final review;


June 11th, 2017-Work Awarding Pubilicity;


July 13th, 2017-July16th, 2017-Exhibition on Jiangsu Book Fair;

(六)2017年 10 月证书及奖品发放;

October, 2017-Awarding and Certification;


Awarded Works Collection Publication.


Participants, Requirements and Advisers

(一)参赛对象:参赛者应为具有独立法人资格的各类企事业单位,或者是年满18周岁及以上的自然人及组合。未满18周岁的自然人参赛,必须与其合法监护人一起申报。注 :指导老师资格:在参赛者参赛作品创作过程中予以指导和建议的所有老师。指导老师在其日常教学活动中需对参赛者有直接任教关系。

Participants: the participants can be various enterprises and public institutions with independent corporate capability, or natural person or team aged 18 or above. If any natural person below 18 years old wants to attend the competition, his/her legal guardian must jointly declare.

Note: qualification of the advisers: all teachers giving instructions and suggestions in theprocess of creating the competed works. The advisers must have direct teac-hing relationships with the participators in the daily teaching activities.




The manifestation of every designed production must be created with lines, color blocks as the elements of graphic design.


Storage requirements: all works must be saved in the following two formats:Source file format, in the form of (.ai/.psd/.cdr),  and review mode, as PDF or JPG.


Color mode: All source files are required to be in CMYK mode. The derived review document is in RGB mode.

4、作品尺寸:700mm× 500mm , 像素为300dpi。

Size:700mm× 500mm. The pixel is 300dpi.


The production coloring is within 3-6 color registers (black or white, golden or silver can be included) or satisfying four color printing technique.


As to the freehand sketching (not created directly in the computer software), it is required to be scanned and save it into electronic edition following the above req-uirements.


Filename requirements: theme of the competed production + name of the author (Example: decorum+ Ma Chongxun)


Competition Application and Exhibition Means


Competition Application


Log in the official cooperation website of the competition:

http://www.titlepark.com to download the information table. Then send the source file, review mode file and application table together to the mailbox of the organizer:lipaper@hotmail.com(Abroad);



Exhibition Means


Exhibit through PC terminal: http://www.titlepark.com;


Exhibit through mobile terminal:


“Zhi Jia”(WeChat ID.: zhijia_66)


“Shu Ming Hao”(WeChat No.: smhtitlepark)

大赛奖项设置Awarding Scheme


Gold Award, two pieces for each theme. Awards: RMB 3000, with honor certificates, cups and work collections.


Silver Award,  three pieces for each theme. Awards: honor certificates, cups and work collections.


Bronze Award, four pieces for each theme. Awards: honor certificates and work collections.


Excellence Award and Nomination Award, numbers to be determined according to the number of participation. Awards: honor certificates.


Excellent Advisers Award. Awards: certificates of excellent adviser award and work collections.


Best Organization Institutions Award. Award: certificates of best organization institutions award and work collections.


Note:(1) the above mentioned bonus is the amount before taxation. The participa-nts must pay taxation by themselves according to the laws and regulations of the relevant countries(including but not limited to the People’s Republic of China) and relevant districts.


All certifications of the competed productions will be stamped with the official seal ofSuzhou Municipal Bureau Of Culture, Radio, Television, Press And Publications


Details of the Competition


No quantity limitation for individual submission.


No return for all the submission no matter selected or not. Please keep the manuscript by the author himself/herself.

特别注意:请作者仔细阅读所有参赛细则,仔细阅读参赛简章并按要求填写个人信息,组委会将严格审核送选作品材料 ,如有不符合大赛细则或缺项,作品将不能进入评选程序。评委拥有作品评选的绝对权利 。为了方便主办方与您取得联系,请务必认真填写联系信息,以便帮您及时解决作品上传中可能出现的问题,以及大赛相关信息通知。

Special notifications: the authors required to read carefully the competition detais, competition general regulations and fill in the personal information according tothe requirements. The organizing committee will audit the delivered productions and materials strictly. If there is any violation or lacuna, the submission will not be considered for the review. The judge has the absolute right for the review of the productions. For the convenience of the sponsor to contact you,please be sure to fill in the contact information carefully,in order to avoid any possible problem in uploading the production and for competition notification.


Copyright of the Works and the Publication and

Sales of the Work Collection

1.参赛作品必须为参赛者本人或团队的原创作品,如一旦发现参赛作品为抄袭他 人创意、概念的行为,或作品发生版权、知识产权等纠纷,由作者自行承担后果,组委会将取消其参赛资格。

All submission must be the original production of the participants or participating team. Once it has been discovered with any plagiarism, or have any disputes about the copyright or intellectual property, the author will take the consequence by himself/herself. More over, the organizing committee will cancel his/her eligibility.

2.组委会拥有所有参赛作品的展览、出版、宣传、收藏、用于电视、网络、平面或广播媒体展示的权利。大赛作品集将由正式出版社出版 。获选作品将在大赛官方网站及大赛官方微博、微信平台公布。

The organizing committee has the right to exhibit, publish, propagandize, collect the productions on TV, network, plane or media. The work collection of the competition will be published through official publishing house. The selected works will be published on the official website, official MicroBlog and WeChat platform of the competition.


The organizer has the right to conduct adjustment or produce derivative to the selected productions according to the exhibition demands and technological requirements.


The organizer has the preemptive right of the copyright.


The organizing committee of the competition reserves the final right of interpretation as to any dispute generated by the rules. Any unaccomplished matter about this competition will be further regulated and interpreted by the organizing committee.











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